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Are Facebook and Apple bed friends? It wont last.

Facebook Introduces App for IPad After Year-and-a-Half Wait

Do ipad users not know that they can browse the internet with their tablet? Facebook - last I checked - is a website, and a very, very powerful one at that. With 800 million users it seems that to make a ipad version it totally needless, especially as it means they will have to abide by Apple’s rules and not allow facebook credit to be used in apps within the facebook app network. Facebook have their own ecosystem, why panda to Apple? 

So of people using the internet 38% of them are on facebook, which is quite frankly amazing. Of the 800 million members 350 million “use Facebook every month on a mobile device”, that’s 43.75%. It is obvious to see why they are treating mobile so seriously and have just updated the mobile site.

However when you consider that to the end of June Apple sold 28.7 million ipads, should facebook really be so bothered about being listed in the app store and creating an ipad app? Assuming that all of those who own an ipad use facebook, it only represents 3.6% of their users.

To be fair to facebook what is the harm in keeping the affluent ipad crowd happy. Their long-term game is about a facebook that offers apps that run on mobile devices as well desktops, deals in a facebook currency, competes with the Apple app store and google (in the advertising stakes). As mobile browsers get faster and faster and HTML5 develops more and more so to will the facebook offering.

Expect facebook to stay loyal to their internet wife and slowly dump the mistress that is Apple and the app store.

by Lindsay Butler+

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